What exactly do I get when I buy the Essential Math Bundle?

The Essential Math Bundle includes the pieces required to play six (6) games. It does not include an Osmo base. Osmo bases come with all Osmo Starter Kits, and can also be purchased separately here:


**Please note: The Sticks & Rings game pieces are also required to play these games and are sold separately or as part of the Little Genius Starter Kit:



The bundle comes with all of the following:

  • Numbers Set with dotted and numbered tiles

    • 5 × 1-dot, 3 × 2-dot, and 2 × 5-dot tiles
    • 1 each of 0–9 for the number tiles
  • 3 free apps: ABCs, Numbers, and Squiggle Magic
  • 3 paid apps: Counting Town, Numbers Toybox, and Shape Builder. The redemption code for the paid apps is sent to the email address used to purchase the kit, or to the gift recipient identified on the order itself. 
  • Stackable storage container

The Essential Math Bundle is available for sale on our website:


Please make sure your device is compatible with Osmo:


All of the Osmo apps are available to download (or update) from the iTunes App Store:


All of the Osmo apps (except for MindRacers) are also available on Amazon.com:


Find more information about Osmo Bundles here:


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