Do you have written instructions for all of the Osmo games (including the digital games)?

Yes! In addition to the in-app game instructions, we also provide written game instructions in PDF format for many of the Osmo games. Here are the links to those documents: 

Coding Family Bundle

Genius Starter Kit

Little Genius Starter Kit

Early Math Adventure Bundle

Family Game Night Bundle

Super Studio

Math Wizard

Detective Agency



Pizza Co.


Digital Osmo Games:

There are currently 8 digital Osmo game apps that can be purchased from the App Store and played using game pieces from other Osmo games. All 8 of these games require an Osmo Base that is compatible with your device.

The 8 digital games that use game pieces from other Osmo games are:

    1. Numbers Toybox - Uses the Numbers tiles
    2. Cooking Chaos - Uses the Numbers tiles
    3. Math Buzz - Uses the Numbers tiles
    4. Lettertopia - Uses the Words tiles
    5. Words Explorers - Uses the Words tiles
    6. Words Chomp - Uses the Words tiles
    7. Counting Town - Uses the Sticks & Rings game pieces
    8. Shape Builder - Uses the Sticks & Rings game pieces

Additionally, the Osmo Kaleidoscope game can be purchased from the App Store but does not require any special game pieces in order to play (however, it does require the Osmo Base).


Please also check out our guides to setting up your Osmo and managing your accounts and profiles:

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