I lost one of the game pieces for my Math Wizard game, can I get a replacement?

We're happy to send you certain replacement Osmo game pieces free of charge (within reason).

Please follow these steps:

1. Log into your myOsmo account (if you do not see your name on the home page, it means that you're not logged into your account; please make sure to log in);
Click on your name in the top right corner;
3. Select "Replacements" from the dropdown menu and fill out the form;
4. If you need a piece that is not on any of the dropdown menus, please include a description in the Comments field.

We'll send you an email confirmation that we received your request, as well as a notification once it ships.

Here are the instructions for creating a myOsmo account (if you don't already have one):

Note that we do *not* supply Osmo Bases, reflectors, the Dragon Guidebook, the Potion’s Spell Book, or the Potion’s Stickers free of charge.

Osmo Bases are sold on our shopping page and on Amazon.com.

Can’t find your answer in our support center? Contact us directly.