What is the Osmo Reflector Adapter, and how do I use it?

The Osmo Reflector Adapter is a specially designed band that can be used with the Osmo Fire Base & Reflector for Amazon Fire tablets in order to make the Amazon Fire HD 8, 10th Generation (released in 2020) compatible with Osmo.

To use the Reflector Adapter, please follow these steps: 

      1. Slide the Reflector Adapter band around one side of the red reflector for Fire tablets until it rests along the top of the reflector. The notch in the band should be facing the back of the reflector.
      2. Place the red reflector with the Reflector Adapter over the camera on the side of your Fire tablet.
      3. Place your Fire tablet in Landscape mode onto the Osmo Base with the camera and reflector side facing up.

For reference, the Amazon Fire HD 8, 10th Generation (released in 2020) is currently only compatible with select Osmo apps.

The Osmo apps that ARE compatible with this device are:

      1. Little Genius Starter Kit for Fire (ABCs, Stories, Costume Party, Squiggle Magic)
      2. Early Math Adventure Bundle (Shape Builder and Counting Town)
      3. Genius Starter Kit for Fire (Words, Numbers, Tangram, Masterpiece, Newton)
      4. Coding Starter Kit (Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, Coding Duo)
      5. Super Studio Disney Princess
      6. Super Studio Disney Frozen 2

The Osmo apps that are NOT currently compatible with this device are:

      1. Osmo World
      2. Family Game Night Bundle (Lettertopia and Math Buzz)
      3. Detective Agency
      4. Pizza Co.
      5. Monster
      6. Super Studio Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends
      7. Super Studio Disney•Pixar Incredibles 2
      8. HotWheels MindRacers
      9. Cooking Chaos
      10. Words Chomp
      11. Words Explorers
      12. Numbers Toybox
      13. Math Wizard

Please note that our game development team is working diligently to make the remaining Osmo apps compatible with this device in early 2021.

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