How do I create a multiple choice Osmo Words album?


To create a multiple choice Words album, you will need to create an image file for each question, with letter answers (A, B, C, etc.). E.g., a question might look like this: "1+2= A. 3, B. 4, C. 5, D. 2."

There's a number of ways to create an image out of that text. Please do a Google search for "text to image". Here's one helpful article:

To add an answer key to an image, hover your cursor over the image you would like to edit and click 'Edit'. Once you are on the Edit Image page, add the answer letter in the 'Add word' text field, e.g. 'A', 'B' or 'C'.

You can find examples of multiple choice albums here (please search for "multiplechoice") and make similar images for your own albums:

Please see our PDF guide for more information about custom albums:

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