Will the new Speck iPad protective case work with the classic Osmo iPad base?

No, it will not. The Speck-designed Osmo iPad protective case will only work with the newly designed Osmo iPad base.

How do you know which iPad base you have? See attached images for:
(A) classic iPad base (does not work with Speck case)
(B) newly designed iPad base (works with Speck case)

The key differences between the two bases are:
- the newly designed iPad base will work with the custom-designed Speck case (and the classic base won't)
- improved stability
- works in landscape mode to double as an iPad stand

If you own the classic iPad base, know that it works with ALL the Osmo games (including the newest games), so there's no reason to replace it unless you want to order the compatible iPad Speck case. The Speck case is available for purchase on our website.  



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