Why should I get the Creative Starter Kit for Osmo Newton?

Newton is a blast without the Creative Starter Kit, but it is a much better experience with the Creative Starter Kit.

When you create a line on the Creative Board the game shows you right away how that impacts the physics on the level. Being able to learn from that result, quickly erase and adjust it makes the game more fast-paced, engaging and educational. On top of a huge upgrade to the original game we've released an entire new game mode for Newton that can only be played with the Creative Starter Kit.

The Osmo Creative Starter Kit combines creative tools, games and cutting edge technology to foster creativity and problem solving skills.

The Creative Starter Kit for MonsterMasterpiece, and Newton includes:

  • Osmo New Base for iPad or Osmo Base for Fire Tablet

  • Creative Board

  • 4 erasable markers

  • Red marker pouch

  • Monster, Masterpiece and Newton apps


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