What exactly do I get when I buy the Explorer Starter Kit?

The Explorer Starter Kit includes everything required to play our first seven (7) games. The kit comes with all of the following:

  • Osmo white base and red reflector that goes over the camera (for iPad or Amazon Fire)
  • Words game with two (2) complete alphabet letter tile sets (26 red and  26 blue)
  • Tangram game with seven (7) wood tangram shapes
  • Numbers game with dotted and numbered tiles
    • 5 × 1-dot, 3 × 2-dot, and 2 × 5-dot tiles
    • 1 each of 0–9 for the number tiles
  • Coding Awbie with magnetized Coding blocks
    • 1 gray Repeat block, 1 gray Caution block, 1 yellow #1 Quantifier, 2 yellow #2 Quantifiers, 2 yellow #3 Quantifiers, 2 yellow #4 Quantifiers, 1 yellow #5 Quantifier, 4 blue Walk blocks, 1 red Jump block, 2 orange Hand blocks, 1 purple Magic block, 1 green Play block
  • Creative Set for the enhanced user experience when playing Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece, including:
    • Creative Board
    • a set of dry-erase markers
    • red pouch


Please make sure your device is compatible with Osmo:


All of the Osmo apps are available to download (or update) from the iTunes App Store free of charge:


All of the Osmo apps (except for MindRacers) are also available on Amazon.com at this link:


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