How much does Osmo cost?

Osmo offers many different products, some of which are kits, and some, add-on games. Add-on games are best for those who already own a kit (such as the Genius Starter Kit or the Explorer Starter Kit). Customers who are new to the Osmo brand will find the best value in the kits.

Prices for add-on games vary and can be viewed on our shopping page. Very Important: to play any Osmo game, an Osmo iPad base & reflector, or an Osmo Fire base & reflector are required hardware.

Orders shipping to countries outside the U.S. are mostly priced in the local currencies, and may or may not include applicable duties and taxes. For some countries, orders are priced in U.S. dollars (USD). It's important to change the country on the order page or shopping cart accordingly, so that you see the correct price. 

Please note that some of our kits may only be available at our retail partners. See our Store Locator page for up-to-date retail information.

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