How do I clean my Osmo game pieces?

We recommend that you follow this advice on cleaning Apple products and peripherals:

All game pieces can be gently wiped with a damp cloth if they get dirty.

If the pieces are made of cardboard, please be careful not to soak the cardboard. 

Other pieces can be gently wiped as well. Try not to let anything inside the movable pieces (in the Coding games).

Here are more specific instructions for some of the products.

Creative Board

Only use dry erase or liquid chalk markers on the Creative Board.

Based on customer feedback, products such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Windex work great for cleaning the board. 

If they do NOT work, or if these products are not readily available, here are some other options:

1. Vinegar and water solution
2. Peroxide
3. 99% or 90% Isopropyl alcohol
4. Hand sanitizer

Creative Set Marker Pouch

Hand wash with soap and water.

Coding Blocks

Coding blocks are not dishwasher safe. Gently clean with wet wipe.

Detective Agency
If you accidentally spill liquids or water on the Detective Agency maps, towel dry the maps carefully, thoroughly and quickly to ensure no damage occurs. Pay special attention to the edges of the maps, which are more vulnerable to water damage.

Note that any kind of dry erase, wet erase, or other markers will permanently stain and ruin the maps.

Stackable Storage

The containers are not made of food grade plastic. Do not use them for food storage.

You can hand wash them with soap and water.

Sticks and Rings

Sticks and Rings may slightly distort after playing or storage. To reshape, bend the piece back to its original position.

Sticks and Rings are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, top rack. A nylon mesh bag is recommended to keep the pieces together.

Super Studio Booklets and Super Sweepers

Use only Super Studio markers with your notebook. Other art supplies will permanently stain the Super SketchPad.

The marker contains magic ink that will disappear over time. If the marker leaves stains, clean with rubbing alcohol.

Prepare the Super Sweeper by lightly dampening and wringing out. Have a paper towel handy to wipe excess water. 

You can hand wash the Super Sweeper with soap and water.


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