Can Osmo Coding Awbie blocks be used for Jam and vice versa?

You can use some of the blocks from the classic version of Coding Awbie to sample the practice mode of Coding Jam. But in order to unleash the full creative potential of Coding Jam via the studio mode, you will need the complete set of Osmo Coding blocks. 

Good news: The Osmo Coding Blocks are now combined into one set of Coding Blocks, allowing you to play all three Osmo coding games using the same pieces! 

The new set of Osmo Coding Blocks are available for purchase worldwide on our website as part of the Osmo Coding Family Bundle: 

They can also be purchased on our website as part of our Osmo Coding Starter Kits: 

You can also buy the Coding Family Bundle and the Coding Starter Kits in select retail stores. Find them at a retailer near you:

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