How do I create a myOsmo account?

Visit to create your myOsmo account. You can do this on either your computer, phone, or tablet. Accounts are tied to an email and are limited to one per email. Note that myOsmo passwords need to contain at least 8 characters and no more than 40 characters.

Once you have a myOsmo account, you can add player profiles under that account. It's recommended that you create one profile per player. If that's not possible for a school environment, then creating one profile for each student group, classroom, or grade will also work.

You can create more than one myOsmo account using multiple email addresses.

All of the Osmo apps are available to download (or update) from the App Store:

All of the Osmo apps (except for MindRacers) are also available on

Note that any device can be connected to any number of myOsmo accounts.

Also, please see our written instructions for myOsmo account creation and management here:

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