How do I get past the second level in Osmo MindRacers?

There are a few solutions to this challenge, but it's mostly about getting Super Boosts.

To get a Super Boost, the trick is to play a Boost Token when you are on a blue Boost Strip. You should toss the Boost Token just as your car reaches a blue Boost Strip, so the token lands on it and becomes super powered!

Note: You only need to play Boost Tokens (the ones with an arrow icon) in this challenge. It's all about learning the timing of Boosts.

Other Tips:

- Get a Perfect Start to get a bonus boost right off the starting line! The trick is to launch your car as soon as you hear the fourth beep and see the "Go" text (on the iPad 2 and iPad Mini, players may need to press the pedal just _before_ seeing the word "Go" on screen).
- Press the pedal during the race to add some extra speed to your car when you're not boosting. You only get a limited amount, though, so use it wisely!

For more information, please check out our PDF guide to MindRacers.


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